Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It takes a village

The saying takes a village to raise a child...I think I knew that instinctively when I moved to an intentional community 20 years ago...our community isn't founded on religious beliefs or common dogma...we are diverse in many ways. Our community is based on love for our families and respect for least that is my take on it after all these years. This community is 37 years old and many of our children have chosen to come back here after exploring the wide world to raise their children. The wheel of life keeps on turning...we cook for our neighbors when they are sick...and yes, dying...and we dance wildly and celebrate at our weddings and holiday celebrations...thanks to our friend Ruthie some of us dressed up in "Where the Wild Things Are" costumes and danced to Sly's "I Want to Take You Higher" at our New Years celebration...I have the video to prove it....and our love spills over to our neighbors across the street. There is a home teeming with children...I would be hard pressed to tell you how many. And my loving community gives so much to these and clothes and friendship. One of the older girls, Johnnie Mae, wanted to take guitar lessons. Our phone tree lit up...before you know it a young couple donated a lovely guitar...another neighbor volunteered to pay for need for that...another neighbor volunteered to teach Johnnie Mae guitar. The former 3rd Hip Chic, Julie, spends countless hours volunteering at one of the children's schools...takes flocks of kids to the pool...makes their holidays partner turns into a child herself when we have the kids over...she does science projects with them and takes them on scooter rides..I love that I chose to live in community...I love that we choose to do what people did in small towns so long ago...look after one another...we are actually on our best behavior when there is the biggest need...but in the craziness of modern life...that in itself is amazing...a shout out to all my beautiful neighbors..the ones going to Haiti to help, the one helping hurt and homeless animals, the ones fighting to save our environment, the ones adding on to our community building and repairing our boardwalks, the ones loving our children, the ones holding the hands of our sick and takes a village and I'm blessed to live in an awesome one!!!!


  1. I love this! I've heard of some communities, and they sound so expensive to buy into. I think they're for wealthy people who want to say they eat organically but don't want to do the work. I would love to live in a community like this, but thought they were all ultra-religious. You've opened my eyes to new possibilities.

  2. i imagine that it requires a certain kind of focus and stamina to live in a community such as yours.

    over the past 20 years i've had several conversations with many different friends about planning a small community....but it just hasn't happened. in most cases, i'm glad it didn't work out! however...i really feel that a lot of time and energy is often wasted in our "independent" lifestyles.

    good for you for making it work!