Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Santa Fe ROCKS

Oh, my poor neglected blog...actually blogs...I have been all up in my head about a major redo of my websites and blogs...I have hired a company to do everything and it's painfully slow going...and also I'm taking four online classes...they are all wonderful...and that's fuel for another blog post...I just want to share some pictures of our beautiful trip to Santa Fe...I think I photographed EVERY door in Santa Fe....and sure ate in lots of delicious restaurants....our wonderful hostess...Teresa (my partner in Wild Women Gallery) kept us hopping every many many progressive much fun!!! It was one of those vacations where you are gone a week but feel like you were away a favorite part was hiking Tent Rock...although I had a "heat" attack and didn't know if I'd make it off that mountain....but thankfully did..the critters are happy we are home and demanding to be fed...must go serve up their dinner...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grateful for the Gift of YOU

I've been in the art biz for over 25 years. I was always willing to share what I know with other artists but I was afraid to get my work too far out in the world because I have had my art copied many times and it didn't feel good. When the web came into being I was afraid to get a website because it felt really vulnerable to be in cyberspace...I realized several years ago that the mindset of "being afraid" was not was not really the way I lived my life and it certainly wasn't what my art was about....I stepped past my fear and jumped into cyberspace and only wish I had done it years prior....Facebook has been a great joy... I love...LOVE....the openness of the artist community....the sharing and the cheer leading we do for each other is so amazing. We celebrate each others successes and share our many people that haven't met each other but truly care for one another....I posted the above picture on facebook and received so many "likes" and comments it warmed my heart in a big way....I want to say a sincere thank you to all of you...I am so grateful for the gift of YOU....big hugs and all good things, e'layne
and a grateful for the gift of Somerset, too....I have art and articles in Somerset Studio and Somerset Apprentice this month...the March/April issues...doing the happy dance :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How did the 2010 Momentum Happen???

I realize so often I am looking forward in my life and more specifically my business... at the endless "to do" list...and it occurred to me last week I need to look back over the year at my accomplishments and give thanks for having the health, creativity and support to do what I do...When I say my accomplishments I must exclaim in the business of 3 Hip Chics I could never do what I do without my partner, Lora. We work really well together and in the gratitude is at the top...she is such a friend to my mom who has Alzheimer's and Lora even makes that journey rich...Because Lora has taken on all the wholesale production work this year it freed me up to make more original art and to focus on the whole "e" world. I sent my first submission to Somerset Studio this year and was published...big big smile...This year I have had four articles and artwork accepted...the above on newsstands today...two will be published in 2011. I love the craft of writing almost as much as making art so this accomplishment has been so fulfilling...I have combed the pages of Stampington publications for ten years with excitement and I'm typing this I'm realizing my biggest accomplishment this year...I have found "my art"...people laugh at me when I say this because I've had a successful art business for over 25 years...but something is different...and I know how it happened when I took the submission suggestion of "vogue" for the July Somerset taking a prompt that wasn't from my took me to a different place...I should have known this would happen...I wrote with a group of awesome women for years and I would make up prompts for us to write from...and all of our writings were so rich, fresh and original.

Of all the achievements in 2010...two blogs...three facebook pages...constant contact...newsletters...mailing lists...talking with licensing consultant... five new lines of work... taking a prompt and running with it has so much to do with the momentum that is happening now...that and the constant attempt to get more join me in a creative challenge if you would like...

My hypothesis is when we lighten our load it frees up more space for creativity...looking forward to what that will bring in 2011...many blessings to all of you in this new year...may your wildest longings be recognized and fulfilled...
p e a c e and l o v e