Saturday, January 1, 2011

How did the 2010 Momentum Happen???

I realize so often I am looking forward in my life and more specifically my business... at the endless "to do" list...and it occurred to me last week I need to look back over the year at my accomplishments and give thanks for having the health, creativity and support to do what I do...When I say my accomplishments I must exclaim in the business of 3 Hip Chics I could never do what I do without my partner, Lora. We work really well together and in the gratitude is at the top...she is such a friend to my mom who has Alzheimer's and Lora even makes that journey rich...Because Lora has taken on all the wholesale production work this year it freed me up to make more original art and to focus on the whole "e" world. I sent my first submission to Somerset Studio this year and was published...big big smile...This year I have had four articles and artwork accepted...the above on newsstands today...two will be published in 2011. I love the craft of writing almost as much as making art so this accomplishment has been so fulfilling...I have combed the pages of Stampington publications for ten years with excitement and I'm typing this I'm realizing my biggest accomplishment this year...I have found "my art"...people laugh at me when I say this because I've had a successful art business for over 25 years...but something is different...and I know how it happened when I took the submission suggestion of "vogue" for the July Somerset taking a prompt that wasn't from my took me to a different place...I should have known this would happen...I wrote with a group of awesome women for years and I would make up prompts for us to write from...and all of our writings were so rich, fresh and original.

Of all the achievements in 2010...two blogs...three facebook pages...constant contact...newsletters...mailing lists...talking with licensing consultant... five new lines of work... taking a prompt and running with it has so much to do with the momentum that is happening now...that and the constant attempt to get more join me in a creative challenge if you would like...

My hypothesis is when we lighten our load it frees up more space for creativity...looking forward to what that will bring in 2011...many blessings to all of you in this new year...may your wildest longings be recognized and fulfilled...
p e a c e and l o v e


  1. Beautiful post E'Layne! Wow you have had a fantastic year! Congrats to you! I feel so blessed to have met and connected to so many wonderfully talented artists from Flying Lessons. The energy of lifting each other up is just so beautiful to see. I'm so happy that we connected on focusing on our 2010 accomplishments. I think it is so important that we do this on our creative journey! Thanks! Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and lots more ART in the New Year!

    xoxo Valerie

  2. Lovely post and congratulations on your successes. It's always inspiring to hear how others are achieving their artistic goals.

  3. What a year! Congratulations & Thanks for shareN about the prompt!

  4. I love being in the presence of famously talented people!;-) I'm so happy for and inspired by you and your art. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Thanks for stopping back!

  5. Good morning! glad I found my way back thanks to Laura Otero's post that included you (thanks to Valerie for pointing that post out to me since I'm mentioned as well and missed it!) I think when I began the fly girl journey after KRR kicked us out of the nest for our first flight I didn't have a clue about blogs and how to leave breadcrumbs to find my way as hard as I tried to "follow" them all as I flew past I guess I didn't subscribe by email or subscribe to newsletters - but now I have! I have to tell you how much I love that picture with the beautiful wings ;-) Your post and the name you picked is wonderful - thank you for helping me look back on all the good things and progress that happened in 2010 instead of seeing it as another year gone way too soon. Hello 2011 - can't wait to see what happens for you NOW.